Why Attend A Combine?

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Why Attend A College Senior Specialist’s Combine? 

“Coach Zauner knows the standards that NFL Special Teams Coaches want and need of their kicking specialist.”Joe Marciano, Special Teams Coordinator, Houston Texans

“I came to the College Senior Combine to get some exposure from Coach and further my snapping technique, get noticed, and play for an NFL team next year.  If you’re NOT invited to the NFL Combine, there are not many platforms for specialists to get noticed, so Coach Zauner’s Combine is a must…” Christian Yount, Cleveland Browns

“Everything was organized and was ran very professionally… I have already recommended the combine to two of my college teammates… Just show Coach Zauner what you can do and he will get you exposure and your name out.” Beau Brinkley, Tennessee Titans

“I would definitely recommend the College Senior Combine to other seniors because Coach Zauner’s word carries a lot of weight with NFL Special Teams Coordinators. I would also recommend attending to get Coach’s expert eye to break down your form and technique… The talent here is top notch.”Johnny Hekker, St. Louis Rams

“I came to Coach Zauner’s Senior Combine to compete with top seniors in the nation and to prove I belong in the NFL…I know that Coach Zauner sees potential and is able to evaluate kickers more than just results. It’s a great opportunity for specialists to compete.” John Potter, Buffalo Bills

Envisioning a kicking specialist’s ‘Field of Dreams’, this 3-day College Senior Specialist’s Combine was created to give deserving kicking, punting and snapping specialists a venue to compete against other top College Seniors and showcase their talent and potential to NFL teams.

Combine ‘Invitations’ are mailed to kicking specialists from a list compiled through NFL Scouting Lists, Coaches’ Recommendations, Lou Groza & Ray Guy Nominees, Fred Mitchell Watch List, Statistic Leaders (NCAA & NAIA) and Accolades. However, in the event you did not receive an invitation and feel you have NFL potential you may contact Coach Zauner to inquire about qualifying for this Combine.

 It is against NFL rules to have any NFL coach or scout at an event like this, so following this College Senior Specialist’s Football Kicking Combine, each participant will receive a DVD with footage of their workout and by request, have their results sent to NFL and CFL teams. Additionally, I will personally recommend Group 1 kickers, punters and snappers to all NFL and CFL teams looking to fill roster spots.  However, only those specialists that I feel have NFL potential will have their video posted to my website.

 In addition to the College Senior Specialist’s Combine, I host my Free Agent Specialist’s Combine, which averages 26 NFL teams in attendance, plus CFL teams. With the Free Agent Combine being held in March, I will use this opportunity to review with coaches and scouts whom the top performing College Senior Kicking Specialists were.

I am hosting a College Senior Specialist’s Football Kicking Combine, as it is my experience the best kicking specialist talent is not seen at their College Pro Day or showcased at the NFL Combine.

 An example of this is when I attended the NFL Combine in 2008.

At the event, I was immediately struck by the lack of quality kicking specialist’s talent that had been invited. And when the NFL Combine was over, I left thinking about all the quality kicking specialist talent available throughout the country that should have been invited but were not.

In fact that Spring I was working and training two kicking specialists who I believed had much more talent than anyone I had seen at the NFL Combine; punter Brett Kern (University of Toledo) and kicker Garrett Hartley (University of Oklahoma).

The 2008 NFL season proved this to be true.

During that season, the Denver Broncos called and asked me to find them a young punter and kicker.  I recommended both specialists and the Broncos signed both Kern and Hartley to Free Agent Contracts.

Kern made the team and Hartley was released before training camp due to the 80-man roster rule. Hartley later signed with the New Orleans Saints and played 8 games in which he was a perfect 13 for 13 in the 2008 season.

Both specialists were signed to NFL multi-year contract extensions.

And they weren’t the only kicking specialists who were not invited to the NFL Combine but were signed to the NFL that year. In fact six kicking specialists who were not invited to the NFL Combine were either drafted or signed as Free Agents and made NFL rosters.

And it’s important to note that only two kicking specialists invited to the 2008 NFL Combine made an NFL roster that year! And neither made it through the season.

I don’t know why so much kicking specialist talent is overlooked and therefore not invited to the NFL Combine, but perhaps it is because there is a general lack of knowledge of what qualities, technique and personality it takes to be an NFL Kicking Specialist.

It seems often times a players ability is determined on ‘kicking distance’ or a 'stop watch' reading rather than on a kicking specialists skills and technique.

Regardless the reason, many excellent kicking specialists never get invited to the NFL Combine and therefore never get drafted or signed to the NFL.

I have attended the NFL Combine for the past 20 plus years and I am very familiar with the quality of talent showcased there. It is my opinion that the ‘top’ College Senior kicking talent has not been invited to the NFL Combine. There is no 'consistency' in the talent represented from year to year. Therefore NFL teams have not seen the best kicking specialists available.

The other troubling issue is many college seniors kicking specialists expect to be seen on their ‘Pro Day' by NFL Special Teams Coaches and Scouts, but the fact is that does not always happen.

The big universities with the most NFL potential football players will have a big Pro Day, but far too often, many College Senior Kicking Specialists will have no NFL Special Teams Coaches or Scouts at their workout either because the scout needed to get to the next College ‘Pro Day’ -and didn't have time to look at the kicking specialists- or no scout showed up at all.

My College Senior Specialist's Football Kicking Combine is designed to ensure the best college kicking specialist talent at all divisions of college football, are not overlooked by NFL teams just because they weren’t invited to the NFL Combine or were not seen at their College Pro Day.

It is my goal to make sure the best kicking specialist talent IS seen by NFL Special Teams and Directors of Pro or College Personnel, so these specialists also have a chance to be drafted or signed as a NFL free agent.

 After 40 plus years of coaching, evaluating and discovering talent in the College and PRO Ranks, NFL coaches trust these assessments with proven results.

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