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Learn from the Best!  Coach Zauner has Coached Kicking Specialists for over 45+ years.  Throughout his career, he has now Coached, Consulted or Trained 130 Plus NFL & CFL Professional Kicking Specialists, Including 26 PRO Bowlers. 


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Professional Improvement For Coaches & Specialist's

There is a Video Library designed Specifically for Coaches that want Professional Improvement coaching their High School, College or Professional Specialists. There is also a specific Video Library for Snapper’s, Punter's & Kickers at all levels that want to improve their mechanics, fundamentals, accuracy and consistency.

(1) Year Video Package & 90 Day Rental Package

There is a (1) year Subscription Video Library with all the Videos or an option for a (4) Video  (90) Day Rental Packages for Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Specialist. Packages and Prices listed below with Links to Each Video Library. 

Snapper's Library / Punter's Library / Kicker's Library & Coach's Library

Coach Zauner's Video Library is divided into (4) Sections. There is a Subscribtion Library for each Specialists: Snappers (13) Video Library, Punters (14) Video Library and Kickers (15) Video Library. The Special Teams Coaches Library contains (41) Videos or all the videos from the Specialist Libraries.

You will receive (1) Year Subscription or access to my Video Library, where you will find Instructional Videos from Coach Zauner's ONE on ONE Lessons with specialists at various levels with an emphasis on fundamentals, mechanics and drills that will make any specialist more consistent.  You will see upclose in these videos, how Coach Zauner first evaluates each specialist, points out his problem or inconsistency and then shows him the correct technique and drills to fix it.   

These Instructional or Teaching Videos are from ONE on ONE Lessons in the past 12 years with High School, College, Free Agent or Professional Specialists that came to Arizona or Wisconsin for ONE on ONE Lessons looking to become more consistent and take their game to the next level.

Throughout my High SchooL, College and NFL Coaching, Consulting and Training career, I have encountered many kicking specialists with different and maybe even unique technique problems or flaws.

With a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, I take extreme pride in breaking down, analyzing and evaluating each specialist problem.  I then design and develop a warm-up progression or set of drills specific to each individual that will create a new "Muscle Memory" that will correct his problems and make him a more consistent and accurate specialists in the future.

Note: There is also a Coach Zauner Bonus Archive Video Gallery in each Punting and Kicking Section of NFL Punting and Kicking Specialists that Coach Zauner coached, consulted or trained early in his college or NFL consulting career.  Early in Coach Zauner's career he coached a more "Old School" Traditional or Mechanical Style of Kicking and Punting.  


Today, Coach Zauner has a Teaching Philosophy of Coaching ... 


'A Natural Style of Kicking & Punting'® 






Contact: Coach Zauner (612) 239-9529

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